PIMPS Bag 04 Omni Lite Plate REVERSE Carrier Hanger Bag

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Product Overview

Whiskey Two Four's Bag 04 REVERSE attaches to your load carrying and armor platforms with a Velcro USA One-Wrap flap. Bag 04 is NOT compatible with WTF's Accessory Panels, Harness 03, and Turnkey Rigs.  The One-Wrap flap sandwiches between the hook and loop closure on your plate carrier.  Bag 04 is lined internally with hook and loop to accommodate APE inserts and similar hook backed accessories.

WTF's Bag 04 is a simplified, more cost effective, REVERSED variant of WTF's Bag 02 / Omni Bag. 

***HOOK AND LOOP PARITY SPECIFIC***  Your platform must have (relative to the user) inward facing loop and outward facing hook.

Weight is 4.0oz / 114g

Made in the USA from US made materials.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review