PIMPS Shoulder Strap 01

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Product Overview

WTF's PIMPS (Practical Integrated Modular Platform, Scalable) Shoulder Strap 01 is a lightweight, no frills, basic, means to end, universal shoulder strap.  It interfaces with WTF's PIMPS Accessory Panels and Omni Bag for a more versatile load carrying solution.  Harnesses are sold separately.

Two female SRBs included to connect with respective male SRBs.

Parts are stitched with milspec thread by skilled sewing machine operators.  Matching printed webbing and ITW hardware used throughout.

Made in the USA.  Shown with optional accessory panels.  Accessory panels not included.  x.xoz / xxxg.

This waist strap will fit a very wide range of body types from petite females to yuge dudes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review