Plate Carrier 06, X Large

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Plate Carrier 06, X Large

Product Overview

WTF's Plate Carrier 06, X Large is made in the USA from US made milspec, solution dyed, Berry compliant, IRR compliant nylon fabrics.  Plate Carrier 06, X Large accepts size X Large SAPI cut plates, SwiftClip compatible panels, WTF's proprietary G Hook back panels, and cummerbunds attached with hook and loop.  Plate Carrier 06, X Large has a generous stretch panel and will accept a wide variety of industry standard size X Large plates.

VELCRO® Brand USA hook and loop panels both front and back accept IFF, ID, etc.  On both plate bags, two webbing loops accept split bar female buckles for accessory panel docking.   VELCRO® Brand USA One-Wrap strips make hydro and commo management easy and quick.  PALS (often erroneously referred to as MOLLE) back panels, hydro back panels, aid and litter back panels, explosive breaching back panels, thermal breaching back panels, commo back panels, and other back panels offer added value and versatility to scale as necessary.  Optional shoulder pads (sold separately) enhance comfort and routing options while further reducing fatigue.

Plate Carrier 06, X Large uses MIL-DTL-32439 500D nylon, MIL-W-17337 & A-A-55301 nylon webbing, A-A-55126 nylon hook & loop, A-A-59826 bonded nylon thread, MIL-W-5664 nylon elastic, safe and modern machinery, and well compensated skilled labor to produce a cost effective, versatile, scalable, plate carrying solution.

Plate Carrier 06, X Large is manufacturable.  Whether for direct or dealer sale, this design is realistic for us to keep in stock or near stock with (as close to) on demand cut & sew (as we can get) and replenishing inventory on the fly.  This design represents a balance of durability, ease of assembly, machine operator fatigue reduction, COTS materials use, cost effective cut and sew methods, self jigging/locating design, scalability, and usability.

Plate Carrier 06, X Large is lightweight at just under 1lb / 450g with Cummerbund 02 and without an accessory panel.

Plate Carrier 06, X Large includes Cummerbund 02 as shown.  Plate Carrier 06 does not include an accessory panel, mannequin, shirt, etc.

Plate size is the same as your BDU/ACU size.  If one knows not their BDU/ACU size, one should take a moment to study the subject.  It is one of the foundations of gear oneness.  Click here for BDU sizing info.  If one's BDU/ACU size is X Large, then one should wear a size X Large pant and blouse.  With this size X Large pant and blouse, one should use size X Large plates in a plate carrier sized for X Large plates.  Some prefer plates a size smaller or a size X Larger than their their BDU/ACU size.  One must determine the correct size for one's application.



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