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     OEM/contract work:


WTF are a complete conversion, manufacturing, and logistical solution for your gear designs.  We can consistently deliver parts to your specifications and destination(s).

We stock a remarkable selection of milspec and solution dyed materials in Multicam, black, ranger green, and coyote brown ready for conversion to your specification.  Because of our stock material offerings, we can offer low minimums of 10 per color per style for your designs.  We offer in-house CAD and patternmaking, laser cutting, sewing, milspec tags, packaging, quality assurance, assembly, product photography, warehousing, and dropshipping.  With over 20 years of manufacturing experience we have an excellent track record of delivering components, assemblies, and finished products. 

We offer development, sample and short or large manufacturing runs of laser cut fabric, laser cut templates and patterns, sewn goods, and related products.  Laser cut morale, blood type, unit, etc patches.  Apparel development and manufacturing.  Machined, formed, stamped, and/or welded aluminm and steel products.  Plating, coating, and heat treating.  Electronics and optics development and manufacturing.  Destructive and non destructive testing.  Email oematwtfidea.com with your intent.  Please ensure your physical and/or CAD patterns, build documentation, and samples are complete prior to requesting OEM work.  Without these, we cannot manufacture your products.  Need help?  Click http://gearmaker.org.

Working with so many designers and manufacturers often results in receiving similar requests from multiple customers, convergent development, and similar circumstances.  NDAs, non comps, etc, are too vague and potentially disruptive to our business as an agreement with one party could preclude us from doing business with another.  As a rule, WTF do not participate in such agreements.

Our OEM services exist to make money.  That is to say, it's in our best interest to take excellent care of our customers.  Backdooring parts and otherwise alienating customers is not a sustainable business model.  We see no competitors, only customers with whom we've not yet successfully collaboratedWTF make specialized materials and manufacturing processes affordable and readily available to those who may be otherwise unable to access them.  Moreover, we have experience with a vast width and breadth of materials and their respective applications within and beyond the textiles realm.

There is an astonishing collection of high performance machinery and talent within our operation.  We like to keep our machinery producing and our talent engaged.  Whether revenue is generated through our brand or yours is irrelevant to us.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.  Should we be unable to answer, our network contains accessible talent knowledgeable in too many fields to list.  If a solution is required, we're ready to deliver.  Should we be unable, we'll be happy to assist in finding a competent vendor within our network.

Whether big or small, WTF's expertise can save your operation thousands of dollars by ensuring proper execution the first time.  With our experience, discretion, and proven history of successfully operating within the manufacturing world, WTF can assist in delivering your desired result.

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