WTF cut and sew fabrics to your specifications using our stocked, USA made, Berry compliant, IR/IRR/NIR compliant, solution dyed, milspec fabrics in ranger green, black, coyote brown, and Multicam.


  • OEM, ODM, and contract sewing; QTY 10 - 10,000.
  • Milspec printed tags and apparel care labels
  • Warehouse & dropship your products with a legal, fictitious address to conceal origin
  • White background product photography w/optional props and models
  • Rapid CAD, patternmaking, BOM, TDP, etc and prototyping and development
  • Contract laser cutting up to 66" x 98"
  • Laminating of almost anything to almost anything
  • Reducing costs by ensuring proper execution the first time
  • One stop shopping.  Our costing, design, cutting, and sewing team are under one roof.

Purchasing options:

  • Individual and blanket purchase orders
  • IMPAC, GPCs, government purchasing cards, discretionary funds
  • Major credit and debit cards via website checkout

Freight options:

  • Common carrier LTL, trailer, and container freight options
  • Palletized and custom crated freight on carrier of choice or best rate
  • All shipments are offered FCA Phoenix, AZ, USA

A history of performance:

  • WTF have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of good parts over more than a decade of business.
  • WTF have constantly introduced materials, technologies, and processes at an affordable price for integration by other manufacturers.
  • WTF have been recognized over the years by notable industry publications.

Sustainability & continuity:

  • A pricing model to pay above average talent an above average wage is the foundation of this company.  Good pay increases employee morale and product quality.  Good pay reduces turnover, brain drain, and associated costs with training new labor.  The employee benefits from good pay.  The enthusiast, patrolman, and serviceman benefit from a well compensated employee with financial motivation to produce a good part.  WTF ultimately benefit from an employee with good pay.  We take pride in taking care of the employee who take care of your parts.  In the War On Wages; Just Say No to prison labor, slave labor, and undercompensated labor in developed and developing nations. 
  • Self contained operations-  Our design, cutting, and sewing operations are on site and under one roof.  This significantly reduces time and cost associated with product development.
  • A flexible workforce-  Maintaining a flexible pool of qualified, trained labor enables us to be responsive and accommodating to our employees' changing scheduling needs.  Moreover, we can scale for production capacity demand as necessary without major interruption to daily operations.
  • All manufacturing and warehouse space is air conditioned and heated year round for employee comfort and focus on your products.  WTF constantly update equipment with the latest, ergonomic, and human friendly options.  We focus on reducing employee fatigue so they may better concentrate on producing a good part.
  • Manufacturing operations are in Phoenix, Arizona far from natural disaster and political and economic instability.  Arizona's infrastructure is new and well managed with reliable roads, airports, power, water, and fiber.  Arizona's stable, relatively mild weather allows for three shift, 7 day a week operations year round as necessary.  When seasonal or unexpected natural disasters paralyze operations in other regions, we're producing.
  • A financially responsible ownership-  We're much more interested in building a long term revenue generating apparatus than refinancing real estate and buying toys.  We live modestly, drive modestly, and minimize participation in high risk activities.
  • We spend as much time researching legal professionals as we do our processes and machinery.  We retain them.  We listen to them.  A proactive legal team ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations to ensure uninterrupted daily operations.

WTF are a complete conversion, manufacturing, and logistical solution for your gear designs.  We can consistently deliver parts to your specifications and destinations.

NDAs are accepted electronically in PDF form from your counsel's email address for inspection and evaluation with a non refundable $2,500.00 inspection and evaluation fee.  Working with so many designers and manufacturers often results in receiving similar requests from multiple customers, convergent evolution, and similar circumstances.  NDAs, non comps, etc, are typically too vague and potentially disruptive to our business as an agreement with one party could preclude us from doing business with another.  If you have an adversarial, suspicious, xenophobic, or similar mindset toward vendors please look elsewhere.

Our OEM services exist to create a sustainable income for our employees, your brand, and WTF.  It's in our best interest to take excellent care of our customers.  Backdooring parts and otherwise alienating customers is not a sustainable business model.  WTF make specialized materials and manufacturing processes affordable and readily available to those who may be otherwise unable to access them.  Moreover, we have experience with a vast width and breadth of materials and their respective applications within and beyond the textiles realm.

There is an astonishing collection of high performance machinery and talent within our operation.  We like to keep our machinery producing and our talent engaged.  Whether revenue is generated through our brand or yours is irrelevant to us.