Do you offer a discount?

No.  We do not, as a rule, offer a discount to specific cross sections of the population.  We offer equal opportunity access to coupon codes via a 30 second google search.  We have no interest in voluntarily handing out discounts.  Spend some of your time to find one of the many coupon codes littered across the internet.

Components are not eligible for discounts.  Gear bundles and many already reasonably priced products are not eligible for discounts.  We try to offer the best price we can rather than gimmicky coupon codes.  But then people love discount codes even if the product is additionally marked up to cover the discount.  Here we are :-/

How are components sold?

Unless specifically noted in the item description, components are sold by the yard or by the piece.

How do I return an item?  What if I receive the wrong item(s)?

Click here to view our return policy.

What's your shipping policy?

We strive to ship orders the next day.  This means orders do not always ship the same day or next day.  Usually they do.  Some orders, specifically rolled fabric and custom branded orders, may take a day or two more.  We work diligently to maintain stock of what consumers are purchasing.

Our inventory is real time.  If it may be added to your cart, it's in stock and will ship in short order.  We do apologize for not having a particular item in stock.  Please understand stocking items that don't sell usually doesn't work well as a business model.  Unless your business model is to lose money and go out of business.  Then it might work.

Purchaser acknowledges that an accurate shipping address is their responsibility and have confirmed with Google maps that their address is accurate.  Purchaser also understands that WTF's shipping software may autocorrect addresses based on Google maps.  If purchaser uses a PO Box mailing address and selected a service other than USPS, purchaser's order will default to USPS shipping as carriers other than USPS may not deliver to PO Boxes.

While the vast majority of our packages arrive at their destination, sometimes strange events occur.  If it is critical that you receive your package, we always suggest using Express Mail or UPS Overnight.

Once your order, parts, products, items, etc are in a common carriers' possession, they are out of our control.  We are not responsible for parts lost, damaged, stolen, etc once they are in a common carriers' possession.  It is the responsibility of the customer to request insurance.  If it is necessary to file a claim, it is the responsibility of the customer and/or consignee to file the claim.

Why is a particular component not in stock?

We make available components from our inventory as a convenience and courtesy to gearmakers who may be unable to justify the MOQ.  We purchase components primarily to keep our cutting and sewing machine operators busy with our finished products and our clients' finished products.  Components are here, first and foremost, for our manufacturing. 

As component distribution is not our primary use of components; components shall be offered, packaged, and priced in a manner best suiting our interests.  Component sales in this niche industry is not a particularly profitable business model.  We make much more money from components in the form of finished products.

Component distribution was borne from excessive phone calls and emails from smaller gearmakers looking for very specialized components that are otherwise unavailable without a significant MOQ.  We like helping when we can.  All components offered on our site are excess from our production needs.  Excess components are offered until exhausted.

From time to time, we'll discover certain items are offered or packaged in a manner inconsistent with our best interests.  If this happens, we will discontinue to offering and revise to be more consistent with our best interests.

What are standard tolerances?

For narrow goods, all dimensions listed are subject to a tolerance of +/- 1/16", 0.063", 1.6mm.  1" wide goods that are 15/16" or 1 & 1/16" wide are within spec.  1.5" wide goods that are 1 & 7/16" or 1 & 9/16" wide are within spec.  2" wide goods that are 1 & 15/16" or 2 & 1/16" wide are in spec, and so on and so forth.  Textiles weaving and knitting are not an exact science.  There are a few exceptions that are subject to +/- 1/8" tolerance.

How are products packaged?

In addition to weight, packaging adds material and labor costs.  You know you're gonna throw it away upon ripping open the box.  We know you're gonna throw it away upon ripping open the box.  In order to minimize additional cost from packaging and additional freight, we offer 2 mil poly bags to protect your order in transit. 

Why does my part stink?

Many parts, like PALS panels for instance, are laser cut from laminate.  Laminate is nylon.  Nylon is plastic.  Laser cut laminate nylon parts can have a stink on them.  Usually the stink is gone prior to shipping.  Sometimes we'll ship a part fresh off the line that will have a stink on it.  Give it a few days and it will dissipate.

Do you make substitutions?

Sometimes.  For items which aren't readily visible when installed, we may make color substitutions.  For instance, with magazine inserts, as they are not readily visible when installed; we may substitute another color based on availability at that time.  We will do our best to substitute earthtones for earthtones, black for grey, and grey for black.

What if I have a quality assurance issue with a sewn product?

We work diligently to inspect and trim parts.  Sometimes we miss a thread.  Lighters and scissors are wonderful tools to rectify the situation.  We make considerable use of hot melt adhesives to lay up parts prior to stitching.  We also use thin, flexible plastic as an internal stiffener on many products. 

Every effort is made to source color coordinating materials but sometimes it's natural or white or nothing at all.  Sometimes, when stitching through a stiffener, plastic crumbs will be forced through the fabric.  Hot melt boogers, webs, and strings happen.  Every parts gets a quick wipe to knock off more noticeable hot melt and stiffener remains.  Spending the labor to get them all would add considerable cost.  Hot melt and stiffener remains, bits, and crumbs are especially visible on black parts.  Hot melt and stiffener remains may be removed by going outside and your using gear.  Grooming your new gear for hot melt remains while watching your favorite action flick is a great removal method too.

Scorch marks from laser cutting are more uncommon than common but they happen.  It's more pronounced on darker colors.  We work diligently to orient parts such that the display of scorch marks is minimized.  Sometimes, scorch marks may be visible on or around edges and cutouts.  This is not considered a defect.

What if I don't like the section of the Multicam pattern I received?

Please reconsider your presence on this planet if you're concerned about which part of a camo pattern is on the product you ordered.

What if I have a quality assurance issue with a component?

We make available components from our inventory as courtesy to gearmakers who can't justify MOQ.  If we're using a component in our finished products, it's acceptable to us and therefore acceptable to sell as a component.  Sometimes components may be wider or more narrow than the posted dimension.  For instance, 4" elastic could be 3.75" - 4.25" wide and sometimes even more extreme.  This applies to spec materials too.  For instance, 55301 T3 specs a +/- 1/16" tolerance.

Again, we make available to others that which we consider acceptable for manufacturing.  Rules, exceptions, and acts of god(s) apply to the materials we make available as a courtesy to gearmakers.

We draw from the same raw materials inventory for sewn products and component sales.

If you wish to exchange materials at your freight expense, both ways, email qa@wtfidea.com.  Per our return policy, deficiencies must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of receipt.  Due to chain of custody issues, all raw material component sales are final.  No refunds will be issued on components for any reason.

What are realistic, production tolerances?

Shock cord 1/8" diameter- +/- .5"

Elastic 5664 any width- +/- .25"

Laser cut fabric- +/- .025"

Webbing width- +/- .125"

Converting rolls of laminate into rectangles, squares, and other geometric shapes- +/- .125"

Converting sheets of open cell foam into rectangles, squares, and other geometric shapes- +/- .25"

Can I come see your facility?

No.  Insurance reasons, confidentiality, and proprietary processes negate the possibility of non-employees on site.  The presence of non-employees is disruptive to daily operations.  We do not accept visitors.

Can you reduce declared value to avoid duties?

No.  Values and package contents will be fully and truthfully disclosed.  Please do not order items if you're unwilling to pay duties.  Please do not ask us to commit perjury.

How do I modify my order?

We do not accept order modifications.  Many times, an item ships from a different warehouse and shipping is calculated differently.  There are too many variables involved to accurately estimate additional shipping and packaging.  If an order modification is requested, we will cancel and refund the order and invite you to place a revised order.

Why is one material in coyote brown a different shade than another coyote brown material?

We are at the mercy of the mills who extrude solution dyed nylon yarn which is woven into wide and narrow fabrics.  We purchase lots of thread based on that season's shade.  Coyote brown and ranger green will vary significantly from lot to lot.  When consuming tens of thousands of yards annually, shading issues  are understood to be normal and an acceptable industry standard.  Color match is not an exact an science.

We make available the materials we use for manufacturing our own products.  This assists smaller brands immensely with avoiding lot charges.  You are buying from our various lots produced over different seasons.  One lot of thread may overlap another lot of 500D resulting in a perceived shading issue.  This is normal.  This is not a defect.

What if I receive a defective item?

Return the item for evaluation.  Upon receipt, we will determine if the item is defective and whether to return, refund, or replace the item.  Please refer to our return policy for return instructions https://www.wtfidea.com/returns/

What are your payment terms?

Terms are prepayment for all orders.  OEM jobs are not added to the queue until the job is paid in full.  We offer an extremely diverse variety of services and intelligent purchasers recognize this.  We have a constant demand for our services.  Prepayment ensures the job's scheduled in the queue.  We cannot schedule jobs without prepayment.

Furthermore, all shipments from Hayes Research, LLC (CAGE 4UE30 DUNS 802601877) DBA Whiskey Two Four are offered FCA from Mesa, AZ, USA.

Is custom, individual gear available?

Very rarely.  If it's a simple addition or subtraction of a feature from a production item; maybe.  If it's an entirely new product; probably not.  Email custom@wtfidea.com with your request.

Can you reproduce our designs for our brand?  Do you offer OEM work?

Yes.  It's one of our specialties.  Please note that properly producing even the simplest item takes serious resources.  See here.