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About Us

Whiskey Two Four is an ever evolving result of a lifetime of conceiving, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, transporting, and destroying products in fields from consumer products to defense to finishing and some remarkably obscure stuff in between.  We've had our share of frustration with starting out and we're working to assist others who wish to produce a result.  Gear sales are financial propellant to fuel our partnerships with other manufacturers and entrepreneurs.  Thank you paintballers who take their activity seriously and, as we figured out our direction, supported us throughout the years.

Inventory, shipping, and lead times:

We strive to ship orders the next day.  This means orders do not always ship the same day or next day.  Usually they do.  Some orders, specifically rolled fabric and custom branded orders, can take up to, depending on the season, 11 days to process.  We work diligently to maintain stock of what consumers are purchasing.  Our inventory is real time.  If it may be added to your cart, it's in stock and will ship in short order.  We do apologize for not having a particular item in stock.  Please understand stocking items that don't sell usually doesn't work well as a business model.

WTF no longer offer built to order gear for individuals.


In addition to weight, packaging adds material and labor costs.  You know you're gonna throw it away upon ripping open the box.  We know you're gonna throw it away upon ripping open the box.  In order to minimize additional cost from packaging and additional freight, we offer 2 mil poly bags to protect your order in transit.  Dealers may request retail packaging when placing an order.  Retail packaging consists of a zipper closure, hang hole bag with a paper insert.

Realities to consider:

We work diligently to inspect and trim parts.  Sometimes we miss a thread.  Lighters and scissors are wonderful tools to rectify the situation.  We make considerable use of hot melt adhesives to lay up parts prior to stitching.  We also use thin, flexible plastic as an internal stiffener on many products. 

Every effort is made to source color coordinating materials but sometimes it's natural or white or nothing at all.  Sometimes, when stitching through a stiffener, plastic crumbs will be forced through the fabric.  Hot melt boogers, webs, and strings happen.  Every parts gets a quick wipe to knock off more noticeable hot melt and stiffener remains.  Spending the labor to get them all would add considerable cost.  Hot melt and stiffener remains, bits, and crumbs are especially visible on black parts.  Hot melt and stiffener remains may be removed by going outside and your using gear.  Grooming your new gear for hot melt remains while watching your favorite action flick is a great removal method too.

Scorch marks from laser cutting are more uncommon than common but they happen.  It's more pronounced on darker colors.  We work diligently to orient parts such that the display of scorch marks is minimized.  Sometimes, in the heat of production, minute details like this are overlooked and scorch marks may be visible on or around edges and cutouts.

Once your order, parts, products, items, etc are in a common carriers' possession, they are out of our control.  We are not responsible for parts lost, damaged, stolen, etc once they are in a common carriers' possession.  It is the responsibility of the customer to request insurance.  If it is necessary to file a claim, it is the responsibility of the customer and/or consignee to file the claim.

"I want to come by and see your facility":

No.  Insurance reasons, confidentiality, and proprietary processes negate the possibility of non-employees on site.  The presence of non-employees is disruptive to daily operations.  We do not accept visitors.

Custom work:

In order to exhaust our lengthy backlog as quickly as possible, WTF are not, at this time, accepting custom requests for built to order retail gear.

OEM work:

It's one of our specialties.  Please note that properly producing even the simplest item takes serious resources.  See here.


Notify WTF via email within two days of receipt of product for an RMA number.  Returns will not be accepted without an RMA number.

Hayes Research, LLC (CAGE 4UE30 DUNS 802601877) DBA Whiskey Two Four

130 W. Hampton Ave #5

Mesa, AZ 85210

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