Harness 04

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harness 04
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Product Overview

This harness should fit just about any body type and allow for the addition of hydro and remote air.

WTF's Harness 04 accepts WTF's various Accessory Panels for quick swapping of magazine types while maintaining a single set of essentials.  3.1" wide shoulder straps and a modular back panel spread the load over more surface area thereby reducing user fatigue.  Hydration and remote tank carriers may be docked with the modular back panel.

Telescoping shoulder straps may be expanded from 2x2 PALS to 2x3 PALS depending on the size of the user's body.  Modular radio pouches and similar are readily attachable to Harness 04 shoulder straps.

Fully articulating joints using milspec parachute cord allow Harness 04 to closely fit a wide variety of body types.

The modular back panel and shoulder straps are covered in loop for for ID, IFF, morale, etc patches.  Velcro brand One Wrap straps on both shoulder straps and back panels effortlessly route hydro, commo, and remote air lines.

is laser cut from WTF's ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) 500D laminate fabric.  Parts are stitched with milspec thread by skilled sewing machine operators.  Matching printed webbing and loop and ITW hardware used throughout.

Made in the USA.  Harness only.  Accessory panels not included.  9.2oz / 260g.

WTF's Waist Strap 01 is sold separately.


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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    Harness 04

    Posted by Almonds by Dee on 18th Mar 2022

    I am by no means an elite operator, but I can say this is a quality product. First thing first, it is EXTREMELY comfortable to wear with a fully loaded rig. Nothing Spiritus or any of those guys make comes anywhere close for longer than 5 minutes. It almost gets more comfortable with more stuff on the rig as it balances the weight excellently over the large straps. There is no padding, but it feels like there is. The feature list is also great, and you pretty much get more out of this harness than anything else on the market. I was surprised by the dimensions of it when it arrived. The thick part of the shoulder straps was longer and wider than expected, which made it difficult to mount. I used this strap to replace the structural harness on a Crye Airlite chest rig as I bought one second hand that did not have it. It will work if you remove the buckle and mount it via shock cord, but as a 5'10" person, I found the largeness of the straps to be a problem. My first real criticism is that while I think you have the right girth, the wide part is a little too long on the shoulders. I know it's measured out to a specific molle slot, but, like the expander wings you sell, it'd be nice to have an option to choose the length as molle slots. This will allow customers to have something shorter if it needs to fit a specific or niche rig. My second piece of criticism is that there aren't triglides on the side straps. I added some and I found it made a huge difference in the repeatability of donning and removing the rig. Without it, there are also times when a lack of tension allows the side straps to loosen. I'm guessing this omission might be intentional for ease of fitment reasons, but it makes anything involving this strap slightly more annoying once you have the fit. Lastly, it'd be nice to have at least 2 buckle slots (I don't know the name for webbing made to hold plastic buckles) hanging off of the rear panel adapter (preferably at a 45-degree angle) on the bottom. This would allow the end user to swap out the bottom straps of the harness easily should they want to in order to fit a wider variety of rigs. Despite being made to do something it certainly wasn't supposed to do, I can say I'm pleased with the harness's performance so far. I don't expect to have any spontaneous disassembly-related issues as WTF is reliable on that front. This product is definitely worth the money as it's pretty much the best set of features on the market. If you're in the market for a larger rig, this is probably your harness.

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    Comfiest Harness

    Posted by Stretch on 22nd Mar 2021

    The added shoulder material feels so good when it's fully loaded, not to mention now having the option to run hydration packs and HPA on ur back. Game changer for sure.

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    The most comfortable harness I've ever worn.

    Posted by Zilla on 15th Feb 2020

    Just like the title says, I'm a bigger guy so the x harness doesn't cut it for me. Low and behold of this! I would recommend it.