Outer Belt 13 Insert Compatible

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outer belt 13
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Product Overview

WTF's Outer Belt 13 accepts WTF and similar inserts.  Swappable inserts means mission flexibility with a single platform.  Inserts for different magazines are about $20.00.
Outer Belt 13 accepts WTF's Outer Belt pouches.  A 2" wide loop lined belt with Tegris stiffener easily supports the holster for your preferred sidearm.  Use WTF's hook lined Outer Belt Accessory Panel for enhanced flexibility.  Four 2" elastic loops accept lightsticks, CO2 cartridges, 10 rd tubes, and similar.
This hook lined outer belt is intended for use with a loop lined inner belt like WTF's Belt 00.  Like all WTF products; Outer Belt 13 is made in the United States from USA made, milspec, Berry compliant materials.
Measure around your inner belt prior to ordering.
27-31" weighs 7.8oz / 228g
31-35" weighs 8.3oz / 238g
35-39" weighs 8.8oz / 248g
39-43" weighs 9.2oz / 260g
43-47" weighs 9.6oz / 272g
*holster bracket, holster, marker, mannequin, shirt, inserts, inner belt, etc are not included*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review