Sling 52

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Product Overview

WTF's Sling 52 is tough, lightweight, quick adjust sling with steel hardware.  If it has an M4 stock with a sling slot, M-LOK slots, cooling vents, or other similar features, our proprietary soft sling swivels will probably work.  The front sling swivel is made from Nomex webbing.  Nomex webbing withstands extreme heat.

No extra hardware or tools are necessary.  Quick adjust loop allows for snug carry of the platform snug against the body.  When deployment is necessary, simply push or pull (user's preference, see video for rigging instructions) on the quick adjust slider for the slack necessary to shoulder the rifle. 

Select your quick adjust loop style.  Sling 52's quick adjust loop is available in three variants; ITW Ruck Triglide with WTF Apogee, Albest cam buckle with WTF Apogee, or with WTF's proprietary slider.

WTF's Sling 52 is made from nylon webbing, thread, and milspec steel hardware.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review