WTF-42069 laminating film, heat activated, Berry compliant, 40" (101cm) wide, per yard

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Product Overview

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WTF-42069 is a Berry compliant, USA made, semi transparent, heat activated laminating film developed specifically for joining two pieces of PU coated nylon fabric.  While WTF-42069 will work with uncoated fabrics, great care must be taken to ensure the adhesive does not bleed through the weave and onto the fabric's face.  WTF-42069 is a waterproof membrane offering even greater water resistance to your PU/DWR fabrics.  WTF-42069 adds structure to your fabrics.  WTF-42069 laminating film adds value to your fabrics by creating your own custom, laminated solutions.  We use WTF-42069 laminating film for short runs of bonding 500D/500D, 500D/loop, 500D/hook, 1000D/1000D, 1000D/500D, 1000D/loop, and more.

For laser cut patches-  If you're keen on processes, this can be tacked to materials, then laser cut, and then bonded.  It's necessary to slightly undercut the adhesive relative to the pieces being bonded or adhesive may ooze out.  It's a more elegant process than pressure sensitive materials but requires finesse and understanding to make it happen.

40" (101cm) wide.  Sold per yard.

This is for industrial environments and for use by professionals only.  Requires a heat press.  Try starting at 300ºF (150ºC)- 350ºF (175ºC) for 20-45 seconds.  A dry roll/cold laminate pressing, immediately after heat pressing, works well to squeeze out air bubbles and make an even stronger bond.  Keep your non contact thermometer handy to ensure accurate platen temperatures.  Maximum bond strength is reached 24 hours after heat pressing.

It is entirely up to the purchaser to determine if WTF-42069 is appropriate for their application.  No expressed or implied warranties or guarantees are offered.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review