Coyote brown ACRONYM 500D laminate 54"-58" / 137cm-147cm wide PER YARD

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Product Overview

ACRONYM 500D (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) is two layers of 500D nylon fabric joined back to back using a proprietary bonding process.  ACRONYM has no right or wrong side.

ACRONYM laminate fabric was developed specifically for laser cut applications.  Laser cut ACRONYM components, as part of an overall strategy, can significantly reduce touch labor.

54"-58" / 137cm-147cm wide (nominal), 18 oz / sq yd

Multicam ACRONYM 500D = Multicam 500D / Multicam 500D

Coyote brown ACRONYM 500D = solution dyed coyote brown 500D / solution dyed coyote brown 500D

Black ACRONYM 500D = solution dyed black 500D / solution dyed black 500D

Ranger green ACRONYM 500D = solution dyed ranger green 500D / solution dyed ranger green 500D

M81 woodland ACRONYM 500D = M81 woodland 500D / M81 woodland 500D

qty 1 = (1) yard

By purchasing ACRONYM you understand and agree to the follwing:

Hayes Research, LLC (CAGE 4UE30) DBA Whiskey Two Four (seller) make no warranty of the suitability of ACRONYM for any specified purpose, application, or use.  Buyer assumes complete and total responsibility for determining suitability for buyer's intended use.  No warranty for quality factors including but not limited to color fastness, finish performance, sagging, shrinking, pilling, wrinkling, running, splices, bleed through, breaking strength, etc is offered.

By purchasing ACRONYM the buyer understands and agrees this item has been developed, manufactured, and tested in good faith.  There is no existing laminate milspec of which we're aware.  Experts in the field were contracted to develop this item to our specification.  While we have performed our fiduciary duty as it applies to this matter, we have absolutely no long term data (scientific, subjective, anecdotal, or otherwise) for the performance of ACRONYM.

Buyer assumes all financial responsibility arising from any ACRONYM defects.

These terms are subject to change without notice.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review