PIMPS Bag 19 for Harness 04 Hydration Carrier

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Bag 19

Product Overview

Whiskey Two Four's Bag 19 Hydration Carrier pairs with WTF's Harness 04 to add your choice of either Source 1L Kangaroo and CamelBak 90856 Mil Spec Antidote Accessory Reservoir, 70 oz/2.0L bladders.

Two G-hooks and hook engage with their respective docking points on Harness 04.  An internal bladder hanger keeps bladders upright and in place.  Relocate Harness 04's side straps to the webbing loops on either side of Bag 19 for a stable, modular hydration carrying solution.

Weight is 4.9oz / 40g

Made in the USA from US made materials.

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*Harness 04, shirt, mannequin, and other items not included*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review