Plate Carrier 24 System

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Product Overview

click here for YouTube video by EOD Fish

click here for YouTube video by SinistralRifleman

click here for YouTube video on Cummerbund 52 closure

WTF's Plate Carrier 24 is made in the USA from US made, Berry and NIR compliant, milspec, solution dyed 100% nylon.  Just say no to PoLyEsTeR.  Plate Carrier 24 accepts SAPI/ESAPI/XSAPI type plates in small, medium, large, and extra large.  Please reference the fitting chart in the product pictures.  Plate Carrier 24 is designed for use with Structural Cummerbund 52 and also accepts hook and loop cummerbunds and is ready to support FirstSpear® Tubes™ shoulder straps on one or both sides.

Plate Carrier 24's low profile admin pouch has a high visibility lining and full width zipper for easy access.  Cables may be routed through the top of the admin pouch via the shoulder strap gaps or through the bottom internally through the admin's false wall.  On top of the low profile admin pouch is a 4x2 PALS/loop field for IFF/ID/morale patch/etc and can also support Juggernaut.Case™ and KÄGWERKS type smartphone mounts and cases.

Between the 4x2 PALS/loop field and the low profile admin pouch is a hook and loop docking station for optional PTT mounts.  Shown is an optional laser cut Tegris® PTT mount.  The PTT mount attaches via the hook and loop sandwich between admin and PALS.  On either side of the 4x2 PALS/loop field are laser cut slots ready to accept Nexus U94 style PTT clips.  Using shock cord, PTTs may be mounted using the holes next to the PTT clip slots.  We can make PTT mounts for any legacy, current, or future PTT. 

To mount placards, Plate Carrier 24 may use traditional side release buckles, G hooks, or QASMs underneath the admin pouch.  A large loop field on the front is ready to receive hook and loop, cummerbunds, placards, accessory panels, and similar.

Plate Carrier 24's plate bags are fully lined with 200D and 400D nylon.  Plate bags have at least two layers of nylon over plate corners for increased abrasion resistance and less wear on the plate carrier.  Plate Carrier 24's plate bags' interior raw edges are entirely bound with MIL-T-5038 tape.  There are no exposed edges to fray inside the plate bags.  Plate Carrier 24 has plate hanger straps in both bags.  Plate hanger straps keep the plate as high as possible in the plate bag.  Plate hanger straps, used correctly, ensure the plate is riding as high as possible.

Structural Cummerbund 52-
Size Small has 5 PALS columns each side
Size Medium has 6 PALS columns each side 11.1oz / 316g
Size Large has 7 PALS columns each side
Size X Large has 8 PALS columns each side
10.3oz / 292g / 0.64lb size medium Rear Plate Bag only
23oz / 656g / 1.40lb size medium Front & Rear Plate Bag only
39oz / 1100g / 2.43lb size medium Plate Carrier 24 w/ Structural Cummerbund 52 and Back Panel 64
Back Panels
Plate Carrier 24 is compatible with all WTF Plate Carrier 24 back panels.  Click here for WTF PC24 back panels.
***FirstSpear® Tubes™ shoulder strap adapter, PTT retainer,  accessor panels, zip on back panels, etx are optional and are not included.  FirstSpear® do not endorse this product***
**** This Plate Carrier 24 bundle is sold as a matched size.  Small plate bags ship with small cummerbund, large plate bags ship with large cummerbunds, and so in.  Users wishing to deviate may purchase components separately here****
size small chest gets a small carrier with small plates
size medium chest gets a medium carrier with medium plates
size large chest gets a large carrier with large plates
size extra large chest gets anextra large carrier with extra large plates


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    WTF PC24

    Posted by Henry Zachry on 19th Feb 2024

    This is a fantastic plate carrier! Comfort, modularity, breathability, and usability are all top-tier. The structural cummerbund is also excellent.

  • 5
    My first real PC

    Posted by Jacob Toothman on 27th Dec 2023

    I have to start off with saying that I am fairly new with the world of plate carriers, and this is my first real one. Upon looking at the plate carrier when it arrived, the quality was emmaculate. Every sow was perfect and on point, with minimal to no thread fray (i can just cut the piece if it bothers me, which it doesn't.) There were a lot of features on it for a 200 dollar PC. I found it easy to adjust the shoulder straps and cummerbund, and like how it fits around my body. There was no uneven ride on both sides of the plate bag, and it felt very secure around me. It was comfortable to move with as well, and shouldering rifles was not a problem at all. My only problem is that the buckles were hard to attach to the cummerbund and plate bag, but I managed to get em in there. Overall, I truly enjoy this plate carrier, and I'll be sure to get another one soon!

  • 5
    Plate Carrier 24

    Posted by Troy on 26th Oct 2023

    Awesome piece of kit! Well thought out and immaculately assembled.

  • 5
    Plate Carrier 24

    Posted by Aaron on 19th Oct 2023

    I purchased this product shortly after watching the review on EODFish’s YouTube channel about it. It’s been epic so far. The quality and craftsmanship have way exceeded the expectations I have, and despite my best efforts I’ve been unable to even damage it, let alone break anything on it. Everything fits where it should, and it’s remarkably comfortable. The overall design is very well thought out, and really leaves nothing wanting. I’ve tweaked a few things, and added some stuff to make it exactly what I need for my job, but the modularity is incredible. The only modification I had to do to the carrier itself was to it was change around the way the quick release buckle functioned, which is a ME preference and NOT a design issue. 10/10 would recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Ray on 7th Dec 2022

    Phenomenal plate carrier, packed with features and clearly designed by someone who had used and made tactical gear for many years.

  • 5
    Best plate carrier I have used

    Posted by Nick on 21st Sep 2022

    Have tried out most major brands that friends have owned, have owned several of the most popular plate carriers and the WTF PC24 is hands down the best. It is comfortable, well thought out, durable and looks great. The modularity is top tier. Anyone considering this should purchase, you will not find this quality at this price point anywhere else.