Shoulder Pad 08

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click here for a YouTube video to see how Shoulder Strap Adapter 03 works

Responding to customer feedback looking for a simplified shoulder pad, WTF presents Shoulder Pad 08 laser cut from Brookwood's SQUADRON laminate.  VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® offers easy cable, hydro, and commo management.  Three laser cut oval holes offer more cable, hydro, and commo management. Milspec A-A-55126 VELCRO® brand hook and loop closure offers even more cable, hydro, and commo management options while keeping everything neat and tidy. 

Lesser shoulder pads use 1/4" (6mm) or thinner.  WTF's Shoulder Pad 08 uses 1/2" (12mm) thick foam.  Not only is the other foam thinner, it's less dense too.  Standard foam density is 2lb/ft3 while WTF's 4lb/ft3 density foam offers greater durability, longevity, and load distribution.

Spacer mesh pills over time.  Spacer mesh gets caught on hook.  Sweat and water can freeze within the mesh structure.  Spacer mesh collects vegetation and burrs.  Spacer mesh is polyester rather than abrasion resistant nylon.  For all these reasons and more, we chose MMI's SAM1 to wrap the high density foam pads making for a winning combination of comfort and durability.

WTF's Shoulder Pad 08 is stitched together by skilled human labor with milspec A-A-59826 bonded nylon thread while referencing FED-STD-751, CO-PD-02-02N, FAA-H-8083-17A, AC 43.13-1B, Poynter's The Parachute Manual Volumes I & II, and similar where applicable.  WTF's Shoulder Pad 08 is made in the USA with Berry & NIR compliant nylon textiles.

Sold per pair.  QTY 1 = 1 pair of shoulder pads.  Weight per pair is 2.6oz / 72g or 1.3oz / 36g each.

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